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antoine bootz

Antoine Bootz' talents earned him simultaneous success in both the fine art and commercial photography worlds. He has enjoyed many solo and group shows of his photography in his native Paris and his adopted home, New York City. At the same time, he has had the opportunity to work on advertising campaigns and editorial projects for Calvin Klein, House & Garden, La Rodoute, and many other prestigious clients. 
Antoine has photographed for Ralph Pucci for the past 20 years. His photographs appear in the Pucci books SHOW and WALL.

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You're best known for your interior photos, what was your most challenging shoot and why?

I have to say, every job has different challenges. Whether it’s weather, light, space constrictions, etc., that’s the fun part of it. Every day, every project is different and unique and it’s because of this that I enjoy it.


If you could photograph any object, sculpture, or building, what would it be?

I would probably photograph any work by Tadao Ando; the simplicity and use of light in his work is amazing.


Who is your favorite artist and why?

As a contemporary artist, I admire Gerhard Richter for his breadth of work— from his monochrome grey series to the wildly colorful squeegee paintings.


Who would be your favorite photographer?

I have to say, Robert Frank. I appreciate the sincerity of his emotions, along with his use of text in his captured imagery.

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Is there anything

design magazine and their photography campaigns that you would like to see

 changed or different in any way?

I would say for interiors, the work shown in magazines is often very limited to decorating— it shows a very small percentage of people and their actual lives.

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To view more of Antoine's special photographs, you can visit his website here.

Interview, Ken Smart + Christy Rappold.