David Seidner

photographer feature


David Seidner, born 1957 in LA, may best be remembered for his glamorous photos in the late 70's and 80's connected with names like YSL & Harper's Bazaar. We would like to introduce a lesser known endeavor of his photography career, one that marks the history of post-World War II haute couture. 


The Théâtre de la Mode was originally initiated in 1945 to resurrect haute couture from the ravages of WWII. With support from over 50 fashion icons, such as Balenciaga, Chanel, and Paquin, the theater's dolls were dressed in custom gowns and sent on an international tour for one year.


When the dolls resurfaced from restoration in 1988, it seemed only natural that Seidner be selected to artistically document the Théâtre de la Mode, as he supported a relationship with the Parisian fashion scene throughout his life. He would continue to photograph and produce art over the next decade, before his death in 1999.


If these pages inspire you, this self-titled table top book, Théâtre de la Mode, is available through Rizzoli among other retailers.


Photography of DS works & entry text, Christy Rappold