david storey

Ralph Pucci invited David Storey to be the first artist to paint a mural on the exterior walls of the Los Angeles gallery ahead of the artist’s November 2018 exhibition.

David Storey’s ‘Traffic’ mural isn’t named for the headache-inducing obstacle during rush hour in Los Angeles, rather, Storey titled the mural as a reference to the weaving energy that his four panels invoke. Storey’s characteristic graphic shapes and playful lines create an active image but Storey credits much of the mural’s vitality to what he describes as “the fifth season” in California: the golden light, the essence of the west coast.  A California native, Storey is well acquainted with the power of light, calling it “an integral part of nature” which he channels to animate his ‘Traffic’ series.  

Directed by Nick Damian, this video shares a behind-the-scenes look into the inspiration and creation of David Storey’s ‘Traffic’ mural at RALPH PUCCI Los Angeles.

Photography by Antoine Bootz