Richard Meier Light represents a collaboration of three partners, Richard Meier, Ana Meier and Hervé Descottes. Part of the New York Five, Richard Meier is a world-renowned modernist architect whose geometric designs make prominent use of the color white. Ana Meier began her investigation of art, design, and the making of space as a product designer in her native New York City. Her earliest work focused on both abstract visual art and architecture. She is the creative director of Richard Meier Light. In 1993, Hervé Descottes founded the lighting design and consulting firm L’Observatoire International in New York. He has received awards from the International Association of Lighting Designers, the American Institute of Architects, the Municipal Art Society of New York City, and in 2008 was named Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Minister of Culture. The 12-piece lighting collection, launched in spring 2017, elevates the art of lighting with simplicity, geometry and lightness.


“[Marjorie Salvaterra’s] stunning photographs…explore the humor and struggle of being female today. Drawing on influences ranging from Cindy Sherman to Federico Fellini, these luscious photographs are at once wildly theatrical and deeply honest in their depictions of female experience at every age. These strikingly beautiful images explore the psychology of gender through a surreal lens. They urge us to rethink our expectations of how women are presented, examine our notions of femininity, and consider the implications of trying to maintain a facade of perfection - while pondering the platitudes with which women’s concerns are typically placated. Playing with the conventions of fashion photography, art cinema, pop culture and advertising imagery, Salvaterra’s work is both provocative and funny.”

-Excerpt taken from HER: Meditations on Being Female by Marjorie Salvaterra


Photography by Juan Carlo Pablo and Red Eye Productions, Inc.