Spencer fung

London-based architect, furniture designer and artist Spencer Fung’s “The Last Wilderness” paintings and mural celebrate California’s majestic tress. “I visited the Sequoia National Forest just after a winter snow storm. I was overwhelmed by the serene beauty, the magnificence and the resilience of the forest. I painted with bold strokes in Chinese ink and soil, mixed with melting snow, to connect with the nature surrounding me. My paintings are emotional and abstract. I became fascinated by the fluorescent yellow-green wolf lichen that thrives on trunks and glaciers boulders among the giant sequoias; it is the wallpaper of the forest. Wolf lichen is strong and self-sufficient and lives for thousands of years, longer than the sequoias. I like to imagine that its vivid color has evolved as a way of survival to deter predators, and I see this lichen as a symbol of survival for us all in our turbulent times. ‘The Last Wilderness’ reveals the responsibility I feel to share the incredible raw beauty I found in the Sierra Nevada, and the vulnerability of nature to human activity.”


The walls of RALPH PUCCI Los Angeles provided Spencer with an opportunity for reflection on a larger scale. Using elements of the earth, including soil and clay mixed with Chinese ink, Spencer painted two murals that evoke a fire-ravaged forest – a beautiful reminder of the perils of an eroding landscape.

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Photography by Chris Fortuna


Spencer Fung painting one of his murals at RALPH PUCCI Los Angeles


Spencer mixing the ink for the mural


Spencer crushes soil and mixes the powder with water and Chinese ink to create the paint for the mural


Spencer tests the ink before painting it on the wall


Spencer’s mural on the southern wall of RALPH PUCCI Los Angeles


Spencer’s mural on the northern wall of RALPH PUCCI Los Angeles


Spencer Fung